CosmosEX para Atari ST

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CosmosEX para Atari ST

Mensaje por Poltergeist » Mar Feb 25, 2014 11:48 am ...

CosmosEx is a device for Atari ST computers which replaces multiple peripherals in single box. Your Atari peripheral cosmos is now expanding!


contains floppy emulator: loads .st and .msa images from connected media (e.g. usb key). Just select up to 3 images in the floppy image pool and switch between them using hardware button.
replaces hard drive in native mode: using Atari partitions on connected media (e.g. usb key) with HDDRIVER or ICD Pro. This works the same way as in UltraSatan and SatanDisk.
replaces hard drive in translated mode: use a DOS / linux formated media, map those partitions to TOS drive letters. This works like GhostLink or HDD Deamon
replaces network drive (using translated mode): use shared folder from other computer through network, map it to TOS drive letter – for easy transfer between your ST and PC in plain TOS (MiNT not needed).
one metal case version of the device: the device can be used from outside of your computer or can be put in the place of internal floppy drive.
configurable from ST using a simple application
software updates available through network – one click update from the configuration application

Features that are planned for later

network driver – a lightweight Stick / Sting replacement, most of the network processing will be done in the device, the network speed will be much higher than any other current network solution for ST
support for opening ZIP files in TOS just like any other folder (in translated drive mode)
downloading of floppy images using simple tool from internet directly to the device (something similar to some app store) – play old games just after few clicks
possible keyboard / mouse support using USB port (although I’m not sure we want to waste the ACSI bandwidth with this, and this wouldn’t work with games, only in clean TOS / GEM applications)
can you think of some other interesting feature? Let me know, maybe I’ll add it to this list ;)
can you do C and assembler on ST, or C and linux stuff, have spare time, want to see these features sooner? Well, you can help me with the work – contact me and I’ll give you stuff to do.

Que les parece el dispositivo??? :P

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Re: CosmosEX para Atari ST

Mensaje por Manuelink64 » Mar Feb 25, 2014 8:57 pm

De lujo, podría existir algo así para la linea A8,A6,65xe,130xe

Buen uso a un raspberry pi :o